Creative ecosystem diversity: Nature Based Solution (NBS) and collaborative green and blue infrastructure

The Creative Diversity for our Common Future initiative kicks off with the first seminar dedicated to a socio-ecological approach for territorial resilience and sustainability in the context of Milan’s Municipality 4.

The event is organised by Luca Bisogni, Elena Mussinelli and Giovanna Fontana in collaboration with the Cultural Association Urban Curator TAT and with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan. The workshop will be held in person at Via Oglio 18 in Milan and online via the Zoom platform on Friday 12 November from 2 pm.

The contents and training objectives of the workshop include:

  • an illustration of the scope of application of Green and Blue Infrastructure and NBS;
  • innovation in design methods and tools;
  • the benefits and perspectives offered by green and blue collaborative infrastructures in urban and territorial regeneration processes in terms of sustainability and resilience.