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A network of people working on sustainability, adaptation, urban and territorial resilience with different aspects and approaches.

The Association

The REsilienceLAB Association was born on 28 November 2014 from the experience of the RE_LAB network as a tool to more effectively support actions to promote  resilience initiatives on the territories. It shares the aims of the network and broadens its spectrum of action.

Resilience is the ability to manage change by continuing to develop. The term derives from a characteristic of metallic materials that are able to recover their state following deformation, but it also applies to human communities, socio-ecological systems and psychology.

Steering Committee


Angela Colucci


Architect and PhD in planning (Politecnico di Milano). She has obtained research grants at Politecnico di Milano on the topics of environmental, landscape and sustainability planning policies. She is contract professor at Politecnico di Milano for the courses of Urban Planning, Urban Design and Urban Design Studio. As a founding partner of the company Co.O.Pe.Ra.Te. srl, she has worked on planning tools, strategic environmental assessments and consulting and research activities.


Giovanni (Luca) Bisogni


With a degree in biology, he is a freelancer and founder of N.Q.A. Nuova Qualità Ambientale. He carries out professional activities (with an experience of more than 300 works) in the field of Environmental Impact Studies, analysis and assessment of ecosystems and environmental quality in general, design of environmental improvement interventions, phytodepuration and Strategic Environmental Assessment. He teaches refresher courses and speaks at conferences and technical-scientific seminars. He is the author of more than 50 publications.


Giovanna Fontana


Biologist, as a new graduate she carried out research activities at U.C.S.C. Faculty of Agriculture and was a lecturer at Politecnico di Milano for courses in Environmental Botany and Agronomy and Food Sciences in the course of Environmental and Urban Design Studio – LM/Master in Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design. Since 1995 he has been working as a freelancer at urban and territorial scale on: environmental assessments; ecological-landscape design; urban regeneration. She has been part of national working groups with ANPA and INU on the topics of ecological networks and strategic environmental assessment.

Davide Cerati


Architect, with a PhD on landscape heritage protection (Design for Landscape Heritage), expert in environmental and adaptive design and green infrastructure designer. Since 2019 he is board member of the Association of Environmental Analysts.


Alessandra Gelmini


She is a civil environmental engineer with a thesis on seismic. She has experience in European projects (Alpine Space, Interreg Italy-Switzerland and Intelligent Energy) in the fields of transport, energy efficiency, promotion of mountain areas, governance and policies of the Alpine macro-region. Since 2015 she has been a consultant to the Technical Scientific Team that accompanies the Lombardy Region in the River Contracts process. She is a founding partner of Officina11, a social enterprise working in the field of territorial and cultural promotion.

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