ResilienceLAB in Action / Projects

A proactive and multidisciplinary network aiming to support the implementation of resilience, sustainability and adaptation principles and strategies in local and regional policies and actions.

Resilience Practices Observatory


The Observatory Resilience Practices assumes capacity building as a strategic objective, in terms of a pathway to increase the wealth of technical-scientific knowledge for the subjects animating the Observatory and for all the territorial subjects, institutions and communities involved in a long-term transition project towards a stronger, more aware and adaptive society.

Erasmus+ CARE Empowering climate resilience


Focusing on urban resilience, CARE addresses one of the most pressing issues in the EU and Latin America, namely climate risk management, which is never treated with a holistic approach. CARE aims to challenge these issues by fostering the interdisciplinary skills of higher education institutions’ staff and students by developing innovative educational approaches to planning. It also aims to bring the challenge to the heart of urban municipalities by directly and indirectly training professionals and officials to shape resilience policies. To achieve these objectives, CARE proposes an alternation of desk activities and workshops aimed at the collective production, development, sharing, testing and dissemination of Educational Resources (OERs), based on the use of collaborative concept maps. The project works to transfer resilience concepts into operational capacities in local governments, civil society and professional communities. ResilienceLAB is a project partner and participated on 25 and 26 September 2018 in the final conference of the CARE project, at the Pontifical University of Santiago de Chile.

Manifesto for the Po river


ResilienceLAB is one of the promoters of the Manifesto for the Po river project, signed in Milan on 29 May 2017 by a set of national, regional and local organisations. Thus, the nucleus of a Network for the Po was established with the aim of restoring a unitary strategic perspective to the river and its territories also through the sharing of information and knowledge.

ResilienceLAB proposed in the 2020 the initiative Un PO di SCIENZA” which focuses on knowledge as a driver for the recognition of the Po river value and as a basis for a sharing in the identification of forecasts and objectives, for the implementation of the Po Strategic Plan and for orienting local territorial governance tools.




Environmental performance and social inclusion: a project for the Rocinha Favela in Rio de Janeiro, based on the IMM methodology and winning project of the 2015-2016 Polisocial Award programme. REsilienceLAB was responsible for two crucial issues: food and the thematic assets of Governance. The project is coordinated by the ABC Department of the Politecnico di Milano.

Support to resilience-related projects and initiatives

ResilienceLAB supported, as an Observer and/or participating in the releted initiatives the following:

  • Verdure D.O.Q. – Disability at work in the shared vegetable gardens of Quarto Oggiaro (AmbienteAcqua onlus)
  • Resilience and Adaptation by Agenda21 est Ticino
  • Resilience Project funded by Fondazione Cariplo  “ChiuroPermeAbile The community rediscovers traces and adaptability to water” 
  • Resilience Project funded by Fondazione Cariplo “Cerchio d’Acqua Resilient communities for the rediscovery of the embankment in Sabbioneta”