ResilienceLAB guest of Terra! Onlus in Lampedusa

On 14 May 2019, ResilienceLAB was invited by the environmental association Terra! Onlus to participate in a workshop within the Lampedusa Resiliente project.

The Lampedusa Resiliente project accompanies a path of empowerment of citizens on the island, aimed at recognising their territory and promoting its care.

Alessandra Gelmini took part in the morning training session, at the Pelagie Islands Marine Protected Area headquarters, proposing the approach of the Fondazione Cariplo’s Call for Resilient Communities, and in detail the construction of the logical framework for the identification of the change pursued. She then presented the projects funded by the Bando Comunità Resilienti Cerchio d’Acqua (website) and Chiuro PermeAbile (website) of which ResilienceLAB is a supporting partner.

“Rediscovering and enhancing the past signs of adaptation in communities can be the key to reducing the vulnerabilities to which territories are exposed today”.