The Po I would like
Manifesto for the Po River with ANCI Lombardia, INU and the Province of Pavia

On 15 November 2019, the meeting Il Po che vorrei (The Po river I would like) was held at Palazzo Malaspina in Pavia.

The Manifesto for the Po river, constituted by a group of associations and stakeholders, launches a campaign to collect ideas and suggestions to promote participatory actions for the protection and sustainable development of the italian longest river. The invitation to formulate proposals and draw up projects for the Po is addressed to the world of associations, local authorities and all those who share the protection and development needs advocated by the Manifesto. The proposals will constitute a heritage of ideas to define or become part of a Strategic Plan that the Manifesto’s subscribers hope for and the Po River Basin District Authority, which supports the initiative, has undertaken to plan. The projects promoted by aggregations of subjects and with a network perspective will be those of greatest interest for an overall vision and to urge the institutions to a coordinated commitment for our river.

Representing ResilienceLAB, Luca Bisogni took part in the round table. rive