Creative diversity for our common futures: a project of social and cultural inclusion, and governance

Man, in his multiplicity of aspects, complexities, needs and emotions, in a holistic view. The environment in which one lives will be declined and shaped according to criteria of inclusion, environmental sustainability and resilience. Everything must come together in harmony and balance: soul, mind, body and environment. A space that is a gift, of all and for all.

Beauty is synonymous with ethical architecture, one cannot be comfortable, one cannot inhabit, one cannot inhabit and be inhabited if not in a space that frees, that makes dialogue, that allows come and go, that has no barriers, barriers for anyone  …an environment without barriers, an environment of freedom, an environment of communication and community: this applies to the specific theme of inclusion‘. (Massimo Cacciari)

A multidimensional and multidisciplinary design, based on principles of equity and ethics
as the basis for achieving the well-being of each individual person that becomes the well-being of the entire community.
being of the entire community. Designing according to the criteria of Universal Design, a pivotal element of the UN Convention, respecting human diversity, to guarantee accessibility and inclusion on an equal basis. Inseparable is the connection between the personal and environmental components: environmental wellbeing, both natural and built, and individual wellbeing are in a dynamic and generative relationship.

Specifically, REsilienceLAB will develop training and support activities for Public
Administrations, professionals and third sector actors:

  • strategic definition and drafting of PEBAs and in accompanying conception, implementation and management of practices to strengthen “diversity” as a strategic resource;
  • development of projects (and accompanying the design of calls for proposals) of accessibility and inclusion declined in the various dimensions and scales, in a transversal and multidisciplinary perspective;
  • organisation of events/workshops for the purposes of dissemination, in-depth examination and comparison on the themes of inclusion, accessibility, sustainability and resilience as fundamental elements of the social dimension of design, architecture and urban planning;
  • dissemination and scientific publications.
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