Creative diversity in governance processes. Creative models and methods of participation and e-participation

We announce the fourth and last workshop closing the series of meetings on “Creative Diversity” dedicated to the creative diversity of governance processes: creative models and methods of participation and e-participation.

The event is organized by Silvia Pezzoli, Giuliana Gemini, Emanuele De Bernardi, Angela Colucci, in collaboration with Consorzio Poliedra – Politecnico di Milano.

The workshop will be held online (using the Zoom platform) on Wednesday 23 February 2022 from 2 to 6 pm.

It will address the theme of creative diversity declined in the organisational and governance component of complex territorial systems as a conscious act of planning that accompanies the transformations and actions of change (not only fixed) of cities and territories and as innovation in decision-making and management models towards more participatory models (deliberative democracy-collaborative governance) and therefore more resilient.

Cases and tools developed to manage different aspects related to the capacitation and engagement of actors and communities in urban development processes will be presented.