Recently the terms resilience and resilient cities have been widely used and become a reference point for supranational and European policies and for local actions all over the world.

Upcoming Initiatives

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ResilienceLab in Action

ongoing projects

Thanks to the involvement of many members from different areas of Italy and thanks to the collaboration of several institutions, many activities have been realized. We focused mainly on three goals: share knowledge, build capacity and support practices.
Many activities are in progress or under construction thanks to the members’ suggestions and proposals, or to external requests for collaboration.

Our projects

Resilience Practices Forum

The Observatory for the Resilience Practices assumes capacity building as a strategic objective, as a pathway to increase the wealth of technical-scientific knowledge, both for the subjects animating the Observatory and for all the local institutions and communities involved in a long-term transition project towards a  more aware and adaptive society.

Conferenza Finale CARE
CARE Empowering climate resilience

Focusing on urban resilience, the CARE project addresses one of the most pressing issues in Europe and Latin America, namely climate risk management, by promoting the interdisciplinary skills of higher education institutions’ staff and students and developing innovative educational approaches to planning.

Manifesto for the Po river

The Manifesto for the Po river, signed in Milan on 29 May 2017 by a set of national, regional and local organisations, set up a network with the aim of restoring a unitary strategic perspective to the river and its related territories also through the sharing of information and knowledge.

The Association

The REsilienceLAB Association was born on 28 November 2014 from the experience of the RE_LAB network as a tool to more effectively support actions to promote resilience initiatives on the territories. It shares the aims of the network and broadens its spectrum of action.